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Established in 2071 B.S., OCEAN Engineering Academy is an outcome of a collective effort and a long term experience sincerely acquired in the realm of Engineering Entrance Preparation by those Veterans and Experts who have crafted the careers of thousands of Engineering Aspirants so far. It is the very first institution of its kind in Nepal that has been set up by no Non-Academic but only by the Pioneer Academic Team of Entrance Experts who are well-known amongst the students for their expertise and tricky teaching methodologies.

The teaching faculties of OCEAN are almost all writers of Entrance Preparation Books that are widely read by all the students seeking career in the domain of Engineering.

It is situated in the prime location of Kathmandu Maitighar, Mandala – easily accessible for any students or guardians. The class rooms adjustment is scientific-not crowded with above 80 or 100 students. Our class rooms consist only 40 to 50 students in each, which provides a very peaceful environment for caring the student’s individually. The Books and Materials provided by OCEAN are compendious according to the present syllabus of Entrance Examinations. All the text books of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English and Engineering Aptitude are accompanied with work books, too, which are the first of their kinds.

An Institute should be well-equipped with all experienced teaching faculties and all informative books –materials together with limited number of students in each class with peaceful environment just to meet the requirements of producing the desired better results that OCEAN assures.

– Mr. Hari Shankar Yadav, Managing Director

Our Mission

We offer many advantages to students, both international and domestic: a full curriculum taught by certified and knowledgeable teaching staff, on- and off-campus housing support and student meal plans, a specia- lized student services department that offers individualized assistance with applications.




Our Success

  • The Producer of 80% Success Result at IOE in (2074) out of all the students who studied at OCEAN
  • The Producer of IOR 1sr Topper (2072), IOE 2nd/3rd Topper (2073).
  • The team members are much experienced having more than 15 years of experience in enginerring entrance preparation.
  • Having its own Lab Facilities.
  • Run by completely academic team that covers the entire course within the given frame of time.
  • The team which gives the assurance in IOR,Indian Embassy and other entrance examinations.
  • Dedicated and most demanded faculties for B.E Entrance Preparations.
  • Regular Classes and model exams in the new pattern of entrance.
  • Books and  materials designed according to the new syllabus.
  • Well furnished classroom with fully academic environment.
  • Located at the prime and accessible location.

Our ProfessionalTeachers

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Teacher 1

Professor of Mathematics

Teacher 2

Professor of Biology

Teacher 3

Teacher of Geometry

Teacher 4

Teacher of chemistry

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Ocean Entrance

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